The Team at SubscriberCRM - Michael Gresham

Nov 28 2019

Our Co-Founder & Managing Director Michael Gresham tells us why he enjoys having direct contact with his customers and the journey he goes on with them from initial demonstrations, all the way through to implementation & customer training.

Why is it great to work at SubscriberCRM

Firstly, we have a fantastic team of dedicated professionals working here. Our shared ethos is to be the best we can and provide a triple A service to our customers. Secondly, we have great customers working in all areas across the NFP sector with which we build lasting relationships. Thirdly, we have a fantastic CRM product of which we are extremely proud.

Being one of the founders of the company and the Managing Director, I am very proud of our approach to business, the transparency and honesty with which we conduct ourselves and our desire to be the best in what we do.

What do you like about your job & why do you like your job

As MD I suppose a large part of my job is to enable and empower other members of the team to do their jobs effectively. I have a light touch management style that I believe makes a happy and conscientious team which in turn reflects in the great way they all deal with our customers.

Another part of my job means that I have direct contact with our customers, from the initial demonstration of SubscriberCRM through to its implementation and customer training. Not only do I enjoy working with customers, but it also gives me a great insight into the various Charities, Institutes and Associations that we work with, increasing my knowledge of the sector. I find it particularly satisfying to help customers to overcome the challenge of poorly performing or disparate systems by supporting them through their journey of installing our integrated solution, SubscriberCRM.

Why SubscriberCRM is great and most importantly how they help their customers

Providing quality in everything we do ensures that our customers receive a service that is second to none. From sales to support our customers are helped throughout the process to ensure that their investment is maximised and with our ongoing support and flexible solution it will serve them very well for years to come.

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