The Team at SubscriberCRM - Adam Sadler

May 30 2019

We asked our Software Development Manager Adam Sadler why he enjoys working for SubscriberCRM and what he likes most about his job. Adam has been with us for 12 years and has seen first-hand the positive impact SubscriberCRM has had on organisations and how he has helped customers along the way.

Why is it great to work at SubscriberCRM?

I’ve been a member of the SubscriberCRM team for 12 years now and I couldn’t have wanted a better workplace. From the top down, everybody has always been friendly, approachable and accommodating - and I’ve genuinely made some real friendships here.

Whether it’s a Monday morning chat about the weekend’s football, or the latest episode of whatever the big TV show is, everyone gets involved; which makes for a great team atmosphere to work in.

What do you like about your job & why do you like your job?

I’ve always been very interested in technology, and software development has been something I’ve wanted to do from an early age. It’s a very fast-moving and ever-changing field so there is always something exciting to sink your teeth into.

Primarily, my development work revolves around web development – be it full websites or creating SubscriberCRM portals for our customers. This means I get to work on several different projects over the course of a year, each with their own set of challenges, and it’s really satisfying to see these completed and available for (literally!) the world to see.

The other side of my job involves providing support for SubscriberCRM. Whilst it’s rare that a developer would also give support on a system, I quite enjoy it as I get to be involved in the entire process. Similarly to completing a development project, it’s gratifying to hear that the support I’ve given has helped someone learn something new or accomplish a difficult task.

Why SubscriberCRM is great and most importantly how we help our customers?

Everyone at SubscriberCRM shares the same philosophy – we want to help our customers get the most out of their system and make their lives easier.

Our development is driven by our users’ needs, which means we can provide, what I think, is the best CRM solution. Over the years I’ve seen first-hand the issues many organisations - big and small - have faced, and the positive impact that having SubscriberCRM has had on them.

Plus, our support team have the experience and knowledge to go beyond simply how to use SubscriberCRM’s functions, enabling us to help our customers find the best way for SubscriberCRM to work for them; often helping them to overhaul existing processes or discover new ways to improve their workflows.

I truly believe this approach sets us apart from other companies and is what makes us who we are.

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