Change Log


Released: 08/01/2019


There was an issue when using either the 'Group Type' or 'Number of Members' grouping option on the mapping screen from Groups. This has been resolved.


There was an issue where the modified message would appear twice if a group is modified, not saved and the user tries to view another group. This has been resolved.

New Contacts Wizard

If Contact Rules are setup, an error could appear when a new contact was created. This has been resolved.


The Users and Roles sections in the Security area have been updated.

Email Merge Attachments

An error may have occasionally appeared when opening email merge attachments. This was due to there not being a temporary folder. This has been resolved.

Volunteer Profiles

It is now possible to add profiles to a volunteer.

Profiles - Maintain List

When adding a profile list item, the text is highlighted immediately.

Profile Creator

'Added' and 'Last Updated' dates have been added to a Profile Section and Profile Field within the Profile Creator.

Events - Booking

The time of the booking is now displayed in the Booking Date field.

Payments > Financial Reporting > Check-Off Payments

The Contact's middle name is now available in the 'Payments > Financial Reporting > Check-Off Payments' screen.

Manage Duplicate Contacts

It is now possible to select the specific profiles that should be transferred within the Manage Duplicate Contacts screen.

Manage Duplicate Contacts

It is now possible to transfer the Welfare Grants within the Manage Duplicate Contacts screen.

Manage Duplicate Contacts

It is now possible to transfer the Document Manager within the Manage Duplicate Contacts screen.

AUDDIS Test Files

There was an issue when creating the AUDDIS test files when the SO Reference was included in AUDDIS File Definition. This has been resolved.

Import Contacts Wizard

It is now possible to find duplicates by the 'External Reference' field within the Import Contacts Wizard.

External Reference

A warning has been added to the external reference field to indicate that the same external reference is used on a different contact.

Contacts - Products Requested

The 'Invoice Date' is now shown on the 'Products Requested' tab on the Contacts screen.

Web Sync - Modifications

If an address change is accepted within the Web Sync - Modifications screen, and the address has Mail Returned, the user will be asked if the Mail Returned information should be removed.

Reports - Add Contacts to Group

When adding contacts to a group through the Reports > Contacts screen, it will now add contacts to the group that aren't already in the group with the same 'Office Held' and 'Status'.

Recycle Bin - Communications

If communications are deleted, they now appear in the recycle bin where they can either be restored or permanently deleted.

Creating Payments from Demands

It is now possible to create payments for multiple demands at once. This can be done from the Already Generated Demands screen, by clicking the 'Add Payments for Selected Demands' option from the 'Action' button.

Deleting Contacts

When deleting contacts whilst navigating through contacts from the Search screen, it will now select the next or previous contact in the search results rather than loading the last saved contact.

Attachment Check When Sending Emails

The attachment check that appears when sending emails, now excludes the content of the signature.

Groups - Maps

No. Members, No. Child Groups, and No. Child Members have been added to the map marker popup when plotted Groups on the map.

Hyperlink Profile Field Type

There is now a Hyperlink profile field type, which will validate the URL that has been entered and allows the user to click a button to go straight to that website.

Contacts - Payments and Demands

If a demand is for a sponsored subscription, the recipient's name will now appear next to the name of the subscription within the Payments and Demands area of the Contacts screen.

Already Generated Demands

The Contact's Primary Pay Source is now displayed in the Already Generated Demands screen.

Reports - Event Delegates

If a contact has been deleted but they were still a delegate, the delegate information was not appearing in the Reports > Event Delegates screen. This has been resolved.

Import Contacts Wizard

It is now possible to use the placeholders 'today', 'tomorrow', and 'yesterday' in the 'Default Value' for date fields within the Import Contacts Wizard screen.

Welfare Grant Payments

When merging Welfare Grant Payments, the communications will be recorded against the Welfare Grant Application and not the Contact.

New Contacts Wizard

It is now possible to ensure a user views all the areas of the New Contacts Wizard before being able to create the new contact. This can be enabled by going to 'Edit > Settings > New Contact Information' and ticking the option called 'Ensure users view all areas of the New Contacts Wizard before creating a new contact'.